How will I know?

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If only I could take what I know now back into the past….

Is it possible for anyone to know everything there is to know about any subject? During this festive season, I have been surprised at least once, from finding out something I didn’t know before.

After learning something new, visions of the way things were, the way they are and the way they might turn out in the future are often revised. Feeling comfortable in dealing with the need to shift opinions or attitudes is relative, naturally.

In some cases, one emerges chastened after realising that he or she hasn’t made the most of a situation. This is not a feeling of regret per se, but more of a wish to turn back the clock, revisit a moment in time and do something different.

There are similar undercurrents to contend with in the present. Perhaps this is the reason why it makes most sense to focus attention in the here and now.

First published on on December 28th 2019