I will follow

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Is it possible that a time will come when leadership will be appreciated in the fullness of what it can entail? How much does a leader need to do to inspire others to follow? Cultures and traditions have provided us with prototypes of group dynamics that are useful for terms of reference, but that possibly need to be constantly monitored, evaluated and in many cases redefined.

Setting an agenda, example or presenting a vision of progress that encourages others to move away from the status quo requires focused commitment and energy. Perhaps the capacity to draw from reserves of this sort is latent in the character attributes of more people than it might seem like on the surface, but there is work to be done in uncovering the layers of perception based on what many of us have learnt.

Information technology and social media platforms have given human beings the tools needed to disrupt the patterns we usually fall into. Some of us are quicker to jump onto the bandwagons of progressive thought than others, but what do we have to offer each other when we set up lines of communication?

In my experience of dealing with guides and mentors, there wasn’t any single person who had the precise range of personal attributes that could inspire me to make the most of my own. I had to depend on my feelings about what was useful to absorb from each of them.

This realisation makes me wonder whether or not most of us have been sold a dummy regarding the capacity of anyone to be the kind of leader that one learns about via education systems, folklore, mythology, politics or religion.