Ideas that live forever

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Does any cultural trend last forever? There was a time when one could take it for granted that a basic knowledge of the Rastafari belief system was embedded into popular youth culture.

In the heyday of Burning Spear, Big Youth, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Bob Marley and many others, young people were aware of names such as Marcus Garvey or Haile Selassie and the ideas they stood for. Is this still the case in current times?

Rehearsing King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba has taught me that this information has not been passed on to younger generations. Who dropped the baton in the quest to keep those ideas alive and relevant?

It might be contentious to suggest that Afrobeat consciousness is going through a similar process, but all the indicators seem to confirm this observation.

How do folks of African descent relate to the concept of timelessness?