If it’s natural to share…

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People can only be themselves, however much they might try to simulate the characteristics of others. If it is natural for a person to be open handed and generous in sharing ideas, thoughts and feelings, then it becomes very difficult to learn how to function in a different way.

The sad thing about having pure intentions and also happening to have a generous nature is the fact that there are others out there who are perfectly happy to absorb energy, ideas and inspiration without giving due consideration or respect to the initial source of the buzz.

In some cases, this state of affairs is exacerbated by the ongoing way of doing business in particular milieu. Zillions of London based black musicians complained about being ripped off by white rock stars and record companies in the 1970s. There is no doubt that the odds were stacked against black recording artists in that era and before, regarding the possibility of getting full credit and payment for musical ideas that they generated.

Artists who are in it for the long haul understand that ideas need to flow and reach others, for them to develop even more eloquence in their creative expression, so they find ways to remain open handed, whilst hopefully learning how to protect themselves from others who are not speaking the same language, or using the same terms of reference.

It is a fact of life that some folks are more likely to focus on the parasitical sides of their nature. One should always be aware of this and ready to deal with each situation accordingly.