Impactful symbols

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In the mysterious world of making symbols, it is easy to lose sight of the difference between being trendy and aiming to make statements that stand outside of time.

Some artists have claimed that they are uninterested in the legacy of their work. It’s a matter of personal choice, obviously. There is a lot to be said for capturing the zeitgeist of a specific moment.

Others might not even be conscious of the possibility that they can choose to go one way or another when they create works of art.

Many thoughts have been expressed about the potential pitfalls of careers dedicated to the interpretative performing arts. Great interpreters are usually adept at breathing new life into the work they choose to present. This is the reason why performers such as Callas, Nureyev, Rubenstein and others are held in such high regard.

Those who create new work should also aim to present remarkable things. Enough said.