Impetuous energy

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I’ve known several hotheads in my time. It is possible that I was regarded as being too impetuous myself in my younger years. Emotional baggage probably requires each of us to expend energy, one way or another. If a person is fortunate enough to gain access to the mental training needed to sometimes take a detached view of one’s self, then it is possible that issues of this sort can be suitably dealt with.

I managed my own neuroses through conserving my energy, but also finding productive ways to use it. Folks who know me from my angrier days sometimes call me up, to find out what I’m currently upset about. They tend to end the calls in disappointment nowadays, because I don’t have much to tell them.

Experience taught me to anticipate the possibility that a particular sort of encounter with fellow human beings could press buttons that would get me going. Perhaps one of the perks of maturity is being able to see these moments before they happen.

Observing younger people going through these moments, it is obvious to me that some things need to be experienced to be fully understood.

I can draw inspiration from the zeal and determination of a younger person who makes drastic choices. One needs to be careful about getting in the way of anyone else’s process, because there is no formula to guarantee that any sequence of thoughts, feelings or actions is always going to produce the same results.