In search of peace

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At a Psychic Fayre in Richmond, Virginia, I had an interesting encounter with a medium. Our session covered a wide range of themes, but one of the things she said to me that resonated strongly was the notion that all roads lead to peace.

What she meant was that we all have our own ways of functioning and seeing the world, but what most of us really need is the feeling of inner peace.

Can anyone really define what inner peace entails for another person? I’m inclined to believe that the feeling is entirely personal, so each of us should be careful about offering unsolicited advice.

It is possible to teach methods and approaches to the absorption and practical application of information, but every individual has a unique set of sensors that accounts for the way we feel about anything we experience in life.

In our networks of interdependency, it saves a lot of time, energy and botheration when we are mindful about this.