In with the hares and hounds

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An old acquaintance who has the gift of the gab described a renowned public intellectual as someone who was “running with the hares and hunting with the hounds”. The image has remained in my memory ever since.

Is there anything morally questionable about being in a position where one can explore a range of different options? Is it tantamount to hypocrisy to have access to corridors of power and also to maintain a detached enough viewpoint to comment satirically on what goes on in those circles?

Observing people who function in this manner from a distance, it becomes clear that one should be mindful of their motives when they do things.

Perhaps it is possible to keep the interests of the collective at heart while one has a personally fulfilling lifestyle. This thought brings to mind the hard core socialist who only ever travels first class on trains or planes.

Expressing opinions to raise awareness of ethical or progressive choices shouldn’t always be conflated with opportunities available to those who draw attention to these issues.