Inheritance from birth

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I came across a video clip made by an influential opinion former (possibly an emerging thought leader) who was adopted as a child. In this sequence, he told the story of how he wanted to know who his birth parents were and how he did his utmost to find them.

He managed to track down his birth mother and thought he had reached the end of his quest, only to discover that she didn’t want to see him, actually threatening to get a restraining order against him if he tried to make contact with her again.

So he continued his search, but narrowed it down to finding his birth father. Luckily, the father was more willing to meet him and he was able to find out things about his ancestry that he wouldn’t have known otherwise.

Sometimes important pieces of our family history are conveniently forgotten or swept under the carpet, if they don’t serve the aspirations of our parents. Those of us who had some input in our upbringing by our birth parents cannot assume that they were willing to tell us everything we would have liked to know about ourselves and the impulses we might carry from what our forbears did.

Then we wonder why we feel inclined towards doing particular things. One of the blessings of current times is the fact that so much information is stored in ways that our ancestors would not have imagined possible. A revelation from a relative at a later stage in life can sometimes make all the difference to any individual in their understanding of why they felt the urge to travel on their path.