Inspiration for the dream

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Thanks to the amazing access to information available to many of us nowadays, there is a marked difference, compared to what used to be the case, in the realm of what we can all dream of achieving. There were role models and heroic figures from African communities and nations when I was a child, but their lifestyles and values seemed to be connected to cultures that I was unaware of, especially in the early days of my childhood. Musical talents such as Miriam Makeba were famous when I was a child and I liked her music and style from distance, but I couldn’t explain to anyone what I liked about her work and I didn’t see her as someone I wanted to emulate.

The global space of information seems to have more room for the output of Africans of all heritages at present. People with a wide range of talents are able to display their abilities for folks of all backgrounds to draw inspiration from. It could even be a good development that the USA has a person with deeply flawed character traits at the helm of its affairs. His presence on the international scene makes it apparent to everyone that there is room for improvement in every culture.

I hope that emerging generations can draw inspiration from human beings from as many nooks and crannies of the world as possible. The more we can learn from each other in intercultural terms, it is likely that the human race will become more civilised than ever.