Is attraction distractive?

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Attraction has inspired a wide range of diverse imaginative creations. Talking to a colleague of mine about the differences between the products of the last few great contributors to the operatic standard repertoire for example, we both agreed that we preferred to be moved emotionally by the straight from the gut works of Puccini than the intellectually ambitious outpourings of Strauss.

Obviously the intense feelings that can be generated by infatuation, love or desire can be uplifting, which probably accounts for the pre-eminence of love songs in the repertoire of most singers.

But what happens after we’ve been swept off our feet? I’m probably not a great expert on the inner workings of these unions, since I’ve been a lone ranger most of the time. I observe people as they get on with their lives in unions and families and I’m sure they must be privy to joys that I’m unaware of.

On the other hand, I also learn a lot from what I see, about the humdrum side of having to compromise in life and the impact that those choices and decisions can have on the ways that young people are brought up.

I think Gamble and Huff asked one of the most interesting questions of all time in the chorus of their song – “Now that we’ve found love, what are we gonna do with it?”