Issues with socialising

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Returning to a riff that hasn’t been played for a long time, everyone has the right to deal with issues, based on what they feel.

In a socially isolated moment, two people meet. They don’t necessarily have that much in common beyond the fact that they are both away from home.

One person makes an effort to build bridges, thinking of events and places that both people could visit. As they get to know each other, it becomes clear that there are deal breaking aspects of behaviour coming from one side that need to be addressed, for the camaraderie to develop.

Eventually, the bridge builder gives up when he realises that the second person has no intention of doing things differently. There isn’t enough commitment to the growth of the friendship.

This is no big deal in the wider scheme of things. We all learn lessons based on our interactions and our mutual willingness to acknowledge boundaries where they exist. The world keeps on spinning. Day turns to night. Seasons change and life goes on.