It’s a treat to meet and greet

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When a group of associates, acquaintances or friends get a chance to meet up with each other in a completely different location to where they originally met, sometimes those encounters can be touched with magic.

Tales are sometimes told by folks who are enjoying their fifteen minutes of fame, about the great times they had in an exotic location with their peers from other walks of life. Some folks are adept at telling those stories on Instagram, giving the viewer a sort of wish you were here subtext in their news feeds.

The moment passes and everyone moves on. The encounter becomes a memory that can sometimes be used as a point of reference and others might wish they could have been privy to those experiences.

But in reality, each person’s idea of having a good time is probably unique, so it barely makes sense to covet another person’s moment of pleasure.

Bearing this in mind, one might ask if celebrity gossip actually has a bright future at all…