It’s Africa Day

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Today is Africa Day.  Covid-19 related disruptions have taken many eyes off the ball, but some of our siblings who live in Africa are mindful of this moment.

I remember seeing a video clip several weeks ago that featured some airline passengers arriving in Kampala, Uganda. This was when the contagion was a new arrival on the global scene. The wayfarers were met by a beady eyed official, who told them they all had to go into fourteen days worth of quarantine in a specially allocated hotel. They were also expected to pay their own hotel bills for that period.

The wayfarers were given the option of leaving Uganda if they didn’t wish to comply with the guidelines. I’m not sure what happened after that.

Africa has been lucky during this hiatus. The pandemic has not affected public health in the way that many probably expected it would. On the other hand, a large number of Africans have been adversely affected by the lock down culture that we’re living through. Hungry bellies are painfully real.

One can only hope that everyone is using the time to reflect about ways and means of making life in Africa more comfortable for all Africans. Happy Africa Day!