It’s all about mindset

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A successful self reliant artist who held sway across national borders for several decades often revealed some useful pointers about his mindset in media interviews through the years. Some of his approaches are likely to come in handy for many of us in the not too distant future.

He spoke of the business deals he struck when he organised tours to Eastern Europe in the years before the Soviet Empire crumbled and the Berlin Wall came down.

Did he always get paid in currency when he did those tours? He mentioned getting paid with sacks of potatoes, cement and other commodities, which he was able to sell elsewhere after doing his shows.

Now that we are living in “interesting times” (in the Chinese sense of the term), perhaps we can all think of ways to adapt in the ways we do business with each other.

Covid-19 could shake up the status quo more fundamentally than many of us are prepared to imagine at present.