It’s all about our callings

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Some folks are lucky enough to enter the world and find true alignment with their callings. Others need to browse before they can settle. After expending a considerable amount of energy, it is possible to experience that moment of knowing one can make the most of one’s self in a specific way.

But the energy doesn’t remain constant and it isn’t always renewable. There are basic things we all need to know in order to function in the world. After the acquisition of that level of knowledge, wouldn’t it work best for all concerned if education could focus on guiding people towards self awareness?

Sometimes one comes across the story of a person who has tried his or her hand at several skills on their way towards becoming a rounded being. In the past, I used to marvel at the range of experiences that one man or woman could go through. In recent times, I’ve realised that many of them made their choices to be nimble, out of necessity.

If each of us could take responsibility for dealing with our personal quirks and hang ups, then our lives would probably flow more smoothly than they currently do, for the most part

Is “being authentic” actually the same as “letting things all hang out”?