It’s all in the interpretation

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It is interesting to observe the way that interpretation of terminology from within one language can be lost in translation.

Since English is so widely spoken around the world, many words and turns of phrase can mean different things to different people.

Even though I think and communicate in British English, I am aware of the fact that “biscuit” in the USA is not the same as the cookie that I sometimes have with a cup of tea.

When the term “uppity” is used by a Caucasian person in reference to a person of colour, images of plantations, slave owners, lynch mobs and other horrors come to mind – from a US perspective. While it is possible that many UK based public commentators and observers might not be aware of this point, we seem to be living in a time when it is fashionable to feign ignorance of these “niceties” to indulge in public bullying and character assassination. Nobody is perfect or should be above criticism, but context is also important