It’s never too late to learn

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I turned up late to a psychic medium’s session once and immediately she launched into talking to me, even though the auditorium was full of listeners. She said there was a whole group of folks on the spirit plane who had been waiting for me and had now left. I was gently upbraided for my lateness in arriving at the event.

Part of the message she gave me was about destiny. There is a path of destiny for everyone and I had a lot to learn, she said. There was no point being upset or disappointed about not fully achieving my ambitions of the time, because we are usually given what we need as opposed to what we want.

I can see that there is a marked difference between the path I eventually followed, compared to the way I saw my prospects as a young creative practitioner. For a long time, I struggled with the idea that particular avenues didn’t open up for me as easily as others. Now, I’m beginning to understand the essence of the medium’s message.

When I was much younger, I was offered the option of going into academia as a musician. I knew deep down that I didn’t want to spend my time writing papers about the work that other artists did. I also didn’t see teaching as part of my future. Now I can see that teaching skills can be a hugely important part of anyone’s tool kit. Those skills have helped me to understand ways of making the most of my artistic practice.

Now, I’m glad that I can constantly learn about learning. On a superficial level, show business success might seem like nice work if you can get it, but I know for a fact that the business side of show generally leads towards a form of spiritual stagnation. I prefer to keep on moving.