Journeys and directions

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Waking up each day with the motivation to make dreams come true is part of what makes life engaging, in my opinion. I have cast my mind back often to times when I was younger and less aware of the way things could work out. It was always important to have something to focus on – a destination that I was aiming to reach that gave me the impetus to find solutions to a variety of problems or challenges. I realise now however, that reaching milestones of achievement is less significant than the actual journeys.

I would arrive at a moment of achievement and enjoy the elation of getting there, but only for a short while. There was always something else to achieve.

Listening to artists who were on the scene before me, in some cases they got stuck in regretful or resentful feelings about matters not turning out the way they wanted them to. Maybe they found it difficult to deal with obstacles, or they felt that others were trying to cheat them out of something. There are bound to be people with a wide range of agendas, whose paths sometimes cross, sometimes leading to situations reminiscent of driving a dodgem car.

What do we do when we bump into each other in dodgem cars? In my experience, we find another way to move on to our destinations. The fun part of driving one is to work one’s way around the space, putting the bumps down to experience.

It is helpful to develop awareness of the difference between getting what one wants and having what one needs. The journey continues.