Keeping the right things in sight

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I know what it feels like to have been distracted. In one’s heart of hearts, it is likely that we know what we have within that can make a difference in the world, but there are so many shapes and forms of stimuli out there, that it is possible to lose sight of one’s objectives in the process of moving in the general direction of our dreams

Tools, technology, maps and guidance can help us to hone our skills and talents so we become eloquent in communication. How does one keep a detached perspective about self improvement, to avoid allowing the acquisition of skills and dexterity to outweigh the essential personal traits that we start off with?

There are several layers to be unpicked when one considers the personal attributes that each person brings to the world. Due to the conditioning that many of us have been subject to over the last couple of centuries, it is no wonder that there is so much distraction in our lives

If some of those distractive elements could be removed, it is mind boggling to imagine the sort of changes that could take place. The major international political events of the last few years could actually be helpful in making humans see the wood for the trees.

Perhaps there will a time in the near future when most people will truly believe in the idea that all folks are created to be equal, according to the laws of nature.