Keeping trim in the gym

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The heat wave of the last few weeks has made my regular gym routine feel more like a chore than usual. Even though the gym seems to have air conditioning and it doesn’t feel too bad once one is in mid flow, the tricky part is maintaining the discipline and focus to make the journey to reach there in the first place.

A colleague quaintly described doing regular cardiovascular exercises and weights training as “too boring” when I explained to him that I only ever watch television when I’m on a cross trainer in the gym. He said he could only invest his time and energy in a sport. I told him about the squash court in my gym and he said “oh, you mean a gymnasium…!” , as if gym isn’t simply an abbreviation of that word.

Meanwhile, a friend noted in amazement that I’ve managed to stick to regular gym attendance and reasonable dietary habits for at least five years. I never was a sporty type as a youngster and only did things like run races with neighbourhood friends, because it was part of the excitement of school life that I liked to take home with me.

There was a time when I would walk past a chippie and have an instant craving for a chip butty and a saveloy. Those days are gone forever, happily.

Another colleague warned me about the possibility of having an eating disorder, when I changed my routine. There is no chance that I could end up like that, since I like food too much. I just learned to consume things that wouldn’t make me worry about doing extra exercise when I step on the scales every morning.