Knowledge and understanding

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Understanding an idea on a deep level can take a lot longer than many might think.

Some of us want to experience the full range of possibilities that are available to explore within our orbits. This is not feasible in the long run, but even this truism needs to be fully absorbed to make sense.

If we are lucky, we get to learn our lessons about prioritising ways of expending our energies at the right time in our lives. On the other hand it is possible that no experience is actually wasted. We simply file away the information in our subconscious minds, where it remains useful for referencing.

Awareness on a spiritual and psychological level can set a person free. Arriving at the point of knowing what’s going on can feel very strange, because each of us can be distracted by a vast range of influences.

When that point is reached, past habits need to be unlearned and discarded. Is this where the real work begins?