Late for the date

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I arrived late at a demonstration session. The psychic medium immediately focused on me, even though the auditorium was full. She said there was a whole group of spirits who had been waiting for me, but now they had left. She told me off for arriving late.

Not everything she had to say to me made sense. It has been said that gifted mediums receive messages that are not necessarily neat in chronological terms. Who knows what is in store in the future?

One thing she said that did resonate was the idea that each of us has a destiny. We can veer off course, go around the houses, choose to follow the scenic route, but we all have specific reasons for being here and we usually arrive in the assigned space after all our ramblings and explorations.

In any case, this medium said I have a lot to learn. I cannot argue with that statement, since I can’t even imagine the state of not knowing that I was in as I listened to her, when I look back to that encounter.

Destiny seems to be pulling me in a direction that I could have easily engaged with many years ago. I’m glad however, that I chose to explore other options along the way. No experience is truly wasted.