Learning about knowledge

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Knowledge is power, or so I have heard on many occasions. The practical usage of information to solve problems and deal with challenges is something else.

Learning ‘on the job’ is not always rated as highly as achievement in citadels of higher education. Some thought leaders are doing their utmost to subvert this mindset, but they are the pioneers and mavericks. It will take a long time for views to change.

I came across a clear example of the way these matters work recently, when I did some online research about a way of doing things that I wanted to explore.

The search engine produced several options. The first link I came across seemed to resonate comfortably for me, but then I noticed that the source of information didn’t seem to have the credentials that prompted me to initially start searching.

I found a link for someone with the ‘right’ brand identity, but the experience of that person’s practice did not chime with me in the same way as the work of the first link’s practitioner. A lesson was learnt, which I hope to keep in mind for the future.