Lessons learnt from paths crossing

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I met up with a fellow artist who I worked with a long time ago. It was at the funeral of a mutual friend. After all the formalities had been dealt with, we managed to find a moment to reflect about how our paths crossed originally and the way we felt about our lives and work in current times.

It was uplifting to reminisce about the project we worked on, back in the day. My colleague reminded me that there have been some recurring themes in the work that I’ve done through the years. Does destiny have a role to play in the way these things work out? If one can see patterns, then there is probably something more to be considered than what meets the eye.

In the days that we worked frequently in the same organizations, we would have similar conversations. Even then, we reflected about ways of nurturing our creative muscles and sustaining our day to day lives as artists.

One thing my colleague said to me all those years ago that stayed with me, was that artists tend to derive more value from their earnings that have been accrued as a result of doing meaningful and fulfilling work, than from anything that came as a result of making a strategic choice to do a job, simply for the money.

I cannot say I have stuck to a totally pure vision of living my life based on that notion, but something always resonates in my heart when I remember what she said.