Let’s rate those who create

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How many of us feel an impulse to create something out of nothing? Is there something that happens as people grow up in various education systems that either encourages us to develop this calling or suppress it? Why does it seem that in many African based cultures, the ruling elites would prefer to keep the energy of those who want to create new things at bay?

There are no easy answers to questions of this sort. Perhaps the fact that Africa has been mainly governed for several decades by men with military training might have something to with it. I am not suggesting that there is no room for creative thinking in the lives of soldiers, but somehow, I don’t think creativity has much to do with the primary act of maintaining security, or fighting wars.

If creative energy is something that cannot be wished away or totally suppressed, it is little wonder that some of our people found distorted ways of channelling the need to make things happen, through outlets such as online scams, for example.

Is there a need for some progressive thinking, regarding ways of making African communities more conducive for constructive creativity?

Is it likely that societies regarded by many as “developed” are mainly spaces where creative ambition is rewarded, more than many of us would care to accept?