Life and soul of the pack

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On one of the many occasions that I was part of an ensemble of performers who had to share lodgings somewhere away from home, someone suggested that males are pack animals and that we generally find ways to get along when we need to.

I am not an authority on what happens when females get together in similar settings, so I won’t speculate about what happens for them. I spent time on one tour sharing a room with a bully, and managed to get through the experience without suffering too much.

Does it make a difference if a person attended a boarding school in their youth? Again, I don’t know what it feels like to have not shared a dormitory with others. Being a border certainly teaches about maintaining personal space and boundaries. I know some men who don’t understand the way such issues work.

There again, I only managed to last in the Boy Scouts for about half a term at school. Some of us are not cut out for being carried along by group energy. I couldn’t imagine joining my school’s cadet unit. In university, I wasn’t attracted to confraternities at all.

Perhaps this might be one of the reasons why I have an ambivalent attitude towards being a member of a band. Having to commit to a process or journey that goes on for an indefinite period of time requires too much work, if a person is naturally disposed towards being a loner.