Light in sight

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It’s easy to lose sight of the reasons some of us choose to devote our lives to making symbols.

Everyone wants to be seen and heard. It shouldn’t be embarrassing to admit to yearnings or cravings of this nature. Andy Warhol’s famous quip about everyone being famous for fifteen minutes in the future might have seemed unusual when he said it, but it makes a lot of sense, especially when you have the tools needed to claim such a space.

Many of us allow baggage and hang ups to get in the way of our personal quests for recognition. Traditions, values, beliefs and conditioning set up psychological obstacle courses and we end up frittering away precious time and energy.

Where is life, there is hope. It is possible to be weaned off conditioned habits. It might be scary to face the world without any cosmetic “enhancements” or masks, but doing so leads us to what we truly desire.

We have time now to come to terms with our real selves.