Listening to messages from within

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When I feel a strong inclination to go in a particular direction, I am experienced enough to know that I need to listen to the messages I’m hearing from within. I was involved in a project that seemed to have noble ambitions and was inspired by many notions and networks that came naturally to me, but after a while I started sensing that I needed to extricate myself from that situation. In retrospect, I can see that there was another path opening up for me that I needed to be available to explore, even though it was a daunting decision to make when I withdrew my interest and support.

The question I ask myself on occasion is this – was it intuition that guided me into making the choice I made, or did I get a nudge from unseen forces? Perhaps the truth lies in a combination of both of these energies.

When I was younger, I guess I would have just gone with my instincts and not been curious about such matters, but nowadays I am sometimes flummoxed by the way things turn out, based on what I sense in this way.

A colleague asked me about a piece of music I composed. She wanted to know what the thought process was, behind some creative choices that I made. I could explain some of the ideas to her in a rational way, but then I realised that I don’t really know why I chose to do certain things the way I did them.

I like to think there are forces that are guiding me in making these choices. The next stage of growth for me now is to lose the self consciousness I have developed in recent years about accepting the help from these sources and to be grateful that I have access to spiritual support that I can’t define at present.