Living on the zimmer frame frontline

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There is a video clip that has been widely circulated that features an African business man who has sponsored an award for African leadership. It is interesting that there was at least one year when the award wasn’t given to anyone currently involved in front line politics on the continent. The most recent recipient of the award is a woman. The intervention is proving to be highly useful.

In the video, the donor spoke eloquently about the issue of age in African politics. He complained that the voters (who are mainly young people) don’t seem to understand that their votes can make a difference, as they keep on voting in people of the generation that initially took the helm in the 1970s.

Indeed, there is a generation that could be described as “Generation X” in sociological or marketing terms, that still hasn’t had an opportunity to make a difference to the way that African nations are run. Many of us decided to leave that arena for those who could be described as “Baby Boomers” and eventually, who knows if the whole project is going to skip a generation?

We didn’t see how we could negotiate with the Baby Boomer generation and we allowed them to mess things up, to the extent that there hasn’t been a natural passing of the baton to any of us.

There are some incredible thinkers out there in the Generation X group. In the USA, we produced the first President of colour, who is undoubtedly missed on the world stage at present. My question is this – who’s afraid of the big bad baby boomer?