Long haul artists

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Every person who works creatively and stays in the business for the long haul arrives at a time when they have to deal what it feels like to be seen as an “oldies” artist. It is interesting to observe those who take the matter in their strides and make the most of it.

I have written before about the time I saw BB King in concert. It was a revelation to me, because Mr King was probably older than my father. His stage presence certainly reminded me of my dad. In some cases that sort of energy could have been regarded as a liability, but BB King used his age and gravitas as a source of strength.

There have been controversial reports about a certain female artist who feels she is being punished for her age and longevity in the business recently. The artist in question believes it is due to the sexist views of many media operatives.

Performers who use attributes associated with youthful energy and attractiveness as the key elements in their appeal often have to deal with the discomfort of depreciating value as they grow older, whether they are male, female or transgender.

In some cases, they are canny enough to embrace the changing dynamics around them. If a personality has the knack for attracting interest from others, it shouldn’t matter that they have aged. Inner acceptance of what time can do is probably felt psychologically by audiences.