Losing generosity

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Team playing can be like the way things were when we played as children. If we’re all chipping in, to make something remarkable, we can derive some pleasure simply from the journey. It can also be exhilarating to bask in the glow of group generosity. The turning point comes when the task is completed and the work is appraised by others.

In those moments of appreciation, the team players start wondering whether the investment was worthwhile or not, since there are bound to be some recipients of the credit for a job well done.

Folk who had no idea of the way the process worked, start voicing opinions about the team work and in some cases, they express these points of view online and it can feel like the point of view expressed is objective.

Are social media platforms helping the cause of team work? I believe the jury is still out regarding this question. On one hand it is good that everyone can express opinions about collaborative ventures, but there is another side of the equation that can contribute to the destruction of good will in teams, because of the subjective nature of communication on these outlets.

The current situation can make a person wary of being whole hearted and generous in collaborative work.  Do we all need to be more careful about the way we evaluate the work we come across, especially in giving opinions about it online?