Making a move

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When I listen to my inner voice, I can tell when it is time to move on.

Habits and attitudes that have been formed over long periods of time start to feel overused. Embracing new ways of being, seeing and doing can feel awkward in the beginning, but it doesn’t make sense to stand still for too long.

When folks of advanced years stop moving, in many cases it looks like they are losing the ability to engage with possibilities in the present moment. Being alive is primarily about being present.

Due to the fact that human beings are inclined towards categorising most things, it is all too easy to simply accept the silos that others might assign to us. As a result, many of us feel restricted, marginalised or excluded.

There isn’t much we can do to control the mindsets of others, but we can certainly work on our selves. Moving out of our comfort zones might feel unsafe, but we are daring to be dynamic when we do so.

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