Making choices

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It is often said that travel broadens the mind. As a young adult, I was told that my worldview had become more expansive whenever I returned from touring abroad. Even now, I still look forward to travelling, Covid-19 risks notwithstanding. Making choices regarding my destinations and length of stay is important to me.

I have come across people who feel pain because of the forced migration of their forbears. In some cases, they have gone out of their ways to relocate to places they identify with as ancestral homes. Some of them adapt very well to their new environments.

Identifying issues that can help us to heal from traumas is only the beginning of a new process. Life goes on and lessons are learnt. Is it conditioning about the status quo that touches a heart, or the feeling that one was disempowered in a situation?

Perception of people and places also has a role to play in shaping sensibilities. One can feel affinity with a land mass and its communities, yet also be aware of the downside of building a life in the same space.

Using a voice to make a choice is a great healing tool.