Making the most of moments

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It is likely that individuals all have personal ways of relating to passing time. There have been moments when I have been frustrated about other people’s approaches to time management.

Most people want to be regarded as efficient and able to deliver results as and when they are required. Since there aren’t any formulas for making such things happen, we all have to rely on what our inner voices tell us.

Some might think that home training, education and discipline are the foundations that we build on in facing the world and dealing with others. In my experience, interpretations of what these entail are diverse. This is one reason why I have been through processes that may have discordant in the past with many colleagues. Nowadays, I am careful about the circles where I expend my energy.

Colleagues have told me that my time management skills have worked for and against me, simply because I am able to make things happen quicker than many would expect. Gatekeepers and purse holders sometimes decide to pay me for less time than is fair, for this reason.

Other issues arise when my urge to get things done is conflated with stereotypical notions that some folks have about “African” or “Black people’s” time. Is there a way of resetting the stop watch, so we can all be ourselves?