Making the world a better place

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There is a lot of cynicism in the world. Many of us find it difficult to trust each other. Some of us look at the actions of public figures and we believe they are motivated by self aggrandisement, when in actual fact they could be genuine in wanting to make a contribution towards making the world better than the way they found it. Is it fair to dismiss all successful capitalists as people who aim to exploit those who have different skills, talents or attributes?

This thought brings the likes of Anita Roddick (of The Body Shop) to mind. Ms Roddick must have been a visionary with exceptional flair for understanding group dynamics, to come up with the business model that she implemented during her life span. It is possible that there are folks out there who didn’t get along with her, but there is no doubt that she found a way to cover several bases with regard to ideas about being ethical in creating wealth.

On the other hand, there are the folks who are here to remind us to care about communities and those who are underprivileged in various ways. Compassion is an attribute that can do a lot of good for all of us. It doesn’t seem to be a fashionable way to think or express ideas nowadays, perhaps due to the disruptive influences that have brought the current US Presidency and Brexit into the spotlight.

Was there a form of hypocrisy in the status quo that has just been disrupted? This is highly probable, so it is healthy to see everyone needing to reassess their values in response to bad behaviour from individuals in positions of power.

Where is the state of flux leading us to? Hopefully to a place where we can redefine for ourselves what we regard as honourable values. That’s as long as we are prepared to be rigorous enough in our perceptions to distinguish right from wrong.