Medicine shows and illumination

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Gurus come and go. Light workers prescribe a wide variety of different approaches to finding peace, fulfilment and illumination. Perhaps due to my African genetic inheritance, I am as susceptible as the next person, to ideas presented as paths to spiritual awakening. I acquired a set of CDs with guided Chakra meditations. The set was nicely packaged and all the information was presented in terminology aimed at well read people.

One of the instructions on the CDs was to play them at night whilst the listener was sleeping. Apparently the benefits of the work would be enhanced at this point of the day, due to the subconscious mind not having to compete for attention with the conscious one.

I followed these instructions for a protracted length of time. Obviously I had no way of measuring tangible or intangible benefits, but I trusted that I was doing the right thing.

At a dinner party for a dear friend (now of blessed memory), I met someone who is an expert on the quality of sleep. A short conversation quickly showed me the error of my ways.

I now understand that sleep shouldn’t be tampered or trifled with, if any of us wants to maintain long term robust health. The meditation CDs are no longer in use.