Memories of mindsets

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Walking past certain landmarks in central London always brings back memories. Thoughts about gatekeepers, mindsets and crossed wires spring to mind.

Vested interests came together and presented a united front, aiming to secure a space for music recorded by African artists in the high street record stores. Some progress was made and a small infrastructure was created.

A story was told to the public about the music emerging at that point in time. Paris was hailed as the hub of creative energy. The record business in that part of the world saw an opportunity to break into the Anglo-American markets and invested money in their artists. Was there an equivalent drive to develop the careers of London based artists? The jury is still out in that regard.

No one owed anyone else anything. It wasn’t mandatory that artists and gatekeepers should cooperate to build relationships with audiences. A few creative teams managed to work together harmoniously and were given modest attention, but most of us didn’t trust each other enough to join forces.

Eventually the moment passed. Perhaps there is no use in reflecting about what might have been, since the business as a whole has imploded into obsolescence.  Is this the end of the story?