Messages for the world

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Is there a way of defining the energy that makes a person get up in the morning and want to make a contribution to the world? That urge to make something out of nothing or to touch people’s hearts is either present or not. Other considerations can also be taken into account, such as the need to keep going for the benefit of one’s social network, but the motivation to nudge one’s fellow human beings towards feeling emotions, or coming up with thoughts is a mysterious force.

Some may look at those who do notable things as folks who are in need of special attention, but in actual fact, they are often mistaken. People who are shy or who normally simply want to keep to themselves suddenly push forward and take faltering steps towards making the world aware of stirrings in their imaginations. It is a fascinating phenomenon to see and encourage, especially in young people.

Some motivational writers and speakers refer to the idea of “making a ruckus”. Not everyone who puts energy into doing so wants to be simply noticed for the fact that they are present. This is one of the reasons why the world of celebrity watching can come across as tawdry. If it is possible to get the attention of others for any amount of time, surely it is worthwhile to consider having something to express?

Reality television shows and other outlets of that sort are on many occasions guilty of being the tail that wags the dog. Why should we look at people simply picking their noses, when there are so many important things happening in the world?

It isn’t always easy to work out the intentions of people who ask for attention. Perhaps this is the reason that many of us have folks we identify with more than others. Life is complex enough, without having to deal with the energy that each person has to invest in dealing with the expectations of others. Economy of gesture is probably the best way to go.