Misfit of the nightclubs

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There have been times when I’ve been berated for saying in public that nightclubs are boring. I guess I never was a natural clubber, even though I took a professional interest in them when I was a young adult. Many things that clubbers take for granted were not obvious to me until I made a friend out of an inveterate party animal. It didn’t occur to me to wear clothes that would make me stand out in the dim lighting, for example. I’ve always preferred being in spaces where it is relatively easy to strike up a conversation, without eventually feeling strain on the vocal cords.

I thought I was supposed to make music that would be heard in clubs, so it made sense to understand their mystique and allure to others. I could certainly play the notes and go through the motions, but somehow, I don’t think I ever reached a point where I could “hit the spot” with club music, whether it was jazz or for the dance floor. My natural creative ability needed a different sort of outlet.

In the days when I did a lot of touring, I found that nightclubs were a fine way to get a feel for a city. Even nowadays, I would probably do the same thing, because there is always a lot to learn from nocturnal creatures.

I regard myself as a creature of the night, but I guess I prefer more intimate experiences. I’m not keen on distraction as a way of life. Nightclub culture is usually about “getting out of one’s self” in one form or another.

I’m aware that in some parts of the world, rites of passage gatherings are equivalent pastimes for those who feel they’re too old or mature to go to nightclubs. I’m amazed that it has taken me so long to realize that I can only take parties in small doses. Maybe the workaholic nocturnal animal in me is finally taking over.