Misplaced Trust

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Dependability is wonderful quality to known for. In my experience, it took a very long time to realise that each of us can probably benefit the most from learning how to depend on one’s self as much as possible. So many stories of conflict within families, relationships and other groups are somehow linked to breaches of trust, but there is a tendency that I have detected in many of us that wants to rely on others to get through life.

What is the secret to the USA’s success as a nation? I think it is probably safe to say that we are now emerging from “the American Century”. I am inclined to believe that self reliance is a key factor in the way that people from that culture are brought up. Perhaps this notion was instrumental in prompting Margaret Thatcher to say one of her most memorable dictums – “There is no such thing as society. There are individual men and women and there are families”

But the USA obviously aimed to be regarded as a global super power. To have that status, people from other nations had to see America as the most desirable place to belong to. Hollywood, Madison Avenue and other mythmaking stakeholders found ways to shape a narrative that was sold to the rest of the human race. Part of the narrative seemed to tap into the idea of the USA playing a parental role to other nations.

Has the USA grown tired of playing that role? Or is it possible that other nations are presenting different narratives to compete for the world’s attention, so it now feels exhausting to carry the weight of expectations based on the spiel of glorified hucksters?

Very few things last forever and it is perfectly reasonable for the current USA government to talk about shifting the goal posts in the way global affairs are run, but perhaps the discomfort that many people feel at present is based in the fact that we are constantly being told that the USA has been exploited by the rest of us. We only bought into the marketing spiel of American salesmen and women. If we all need to proceed with different group dynamics now, then the American leaders should accept their responsibility in initially selling us a dummy.