Moving and sitting still

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Sitting in a meditation group, an acquaintance once said to me “I can see you moving to the USA. You’ll be fed up with your way of life here”.  We were all sharing intuitive messages that came to us in the meditation session and I felt I could accept what he said. A few years later, I did spend some time in the USA and it was a useful period of personal growth for me. Eventually however, I was happy to return to London and I have remained here ever since.

Comparing my experiences of living in those two countries brings to mind the Aesop fable – The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse. Both nations have their merits, but at the heart of the issue lies the relationships that one builds with people. Too much of my personal history and identity is rooted in London for me to want to invest energy in reinventing myself anywhere else.

Thanks to technology, it is possible to maintain friendships and other relationships across the globe in ways that were unimaginable when I was a young adult. It is also possible to keep tabs on the way things are going for associates who one might not see for decades. Whether this is a good or bad development is debatable.

There must be some folks out there who are making better use of the opportunities offered by the immediacy of access to communication than people like me who remember the days of using air letter forms and telegrams. Things can move a lot more quickly than they used to, for better or worse.

The down side to the speeding up of communication is the fact that negativity and positivity can circulate over far flung distances equally as fast nowadays. Is it fair to suggest that one could get fed up with keeping up with it all?  

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