Multiplicity of bonds

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Freshness of faces, chance encounters that lead to long lasting bonds. What are the motivating factors that drive such involvements? These are bound to vary.

In those memorable meetings in several countries around the world, sometimes destiny plays a role in bringing souls together, but we don’t pause to reflect on the agenda concealed by randomness.

Time elapses and faces become puffy, or leathery, or lived in. Distance intervenes and creates silos, yet there was something magnetic about the first encounter that still exudes warmth and strength.

It is obvious that a certain sort of intimacy is never going to happen. An emotional bond has been forged that has stood the test of time and distance, however.

Poets and other wordsmiths write their own versions of this aspect of human interaction, but no one can speak categorically for everyone else. There is always something personal in every story.