Music from another dimension

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Listening to a round table of artists who have had hits in recent years talking about their work methods and worldviews was an eye opener. Having reached a stage in life where a great deal of popular music comes across as banal and predictable, it is interesting to learn about the depth of feelings that many hit makers have about the craft and its function in the world.

Most of the artists in question are of award winning status in the business. They sat at a round table and openly expressed their thoughts and feelings about a variety of issues, such as the restrictions and demands of the business. They all had valuable insights to contribute to the discussion.

There were moments in the programme when music by each of these performers was aired in snippets. Did the conversation provide useful background information that could make the output of these artists more attractive to my ears? The answer, sadly is no.

One of the good things about being long in the tooth is that one should become clearer about one’s likes and dislikes. The programme revealed to me that I should not be even bothering to compare my experience of art or expression to anything that those artists produce.

Since that issue has been cleared up, one should simply get on with making the music one wants to hear.