Mysterious sounds

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It has been observed in the past that there is something mysterious about the essence of music. Depending on one’s cultural standpoint, there are only twelve notes that account for the measurement of pitch. These notes can be mixed in a wide variety of permutations to create the sounds that symbolise many emotions and other things.

Probing deeper, it becomes apparent that the culture one is brought up in can make a huge impact on the ways that individuals choose to assemble those notes. I have always been of the opinion that a person’s character traits are bound to determine the type of musician one turns out to be.

If the culture one grows up in has an innate sort of confidence that breeds insularity, then the individual is most likely to regard that way of doing things as the orthodoxy. The emergence of technology and other sophisticated ways of disseminating information has also affected the capacity of people to communicate with symbols on a global scale.

The ability to function as an effective communicator is affected to an extent by how well acquainted one becomes with the recognisable symbols. We go through education systems and are hopefully given the basic tools to express our opinions and emotions.

It is possible however, to break through the accepted norms to find personal modes of expression. If an artist wishes to express his or her own personal truths, there could be mountains to climb before he or she can heard clearly, but in the long run it is worth the effort.