Natural heat

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One of the highlights of 2018 for me was the time I spent in Zanzibar. Apart from making many new friends, acquaintances and learning about a region of Africa that I knew very little about before, I also enjoyed basking in the island’s heat.

In my early adult years I was often bemused to see folks with similar skin complexions to mine doing the sunbathing thing. Having spent some time in Africa, where most people take sunny days for granted, it didn’t make sense to me until someone explained that it was to bring out the glow in darker skin hues.

It was after returning from work in Australia during the summer months many years ago that I realised there was some truth in this notion. I received many compliments about my glowing skin and I knew it was due to the time I spent outdoors traipsing around in Sydney and Perth.

Now I know I can easily get the same glow from using a sauna or steam room, but I prefer to get the natural heat of the sun’s rays, just going about my business.

So Zanzibar gave me an opportunity to acquire the glow while I got on with other things. I look forward to many more visits in the not too distant future

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