Needing people

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A friend of mine who is now of blessed memory came to visit me at home when I first moved into my current place of abode. He disapproved of the fact that I was going to be living alone in the apartment, as he was used to sharing his home with lodgers and friends. “We need people” was his parting shot at the end of the visit.

I wouldn’t want to be alone in a desert or some other secluded place without knowing that I could have contact with other folks, but I can’t pretend that I don’t enjoy my own company. Knowing that people can be reached when I need to make contact is enough for me. It takes a lot of energy to deal effectively with group dynamics. If I have to on a regular basis, some could find my authentic self rather tricky and testy to deal with.

One of the good things about spending some time in a boarding school is the way one learns how to respect personal boundaries. Later in life, one knows how far to go in pressing buttons when dealing with colleagues and other associates.

Another friend of mine once told me I had the ability to go into a space and to sense the details of the group dynamics amongst those present a lot more quickly than others. I have no means of ascertaining how well developed my antennae are in this regard, but I know that this attribute has served me well through the years gone by.

Perhaps we should only deal with group energies to the extent that we can bear to handle them.