New images of the present

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I barely read newspapers and I don’t have a television set at home. In the days when I used to have quite a few visitors, the missing TV set was regarded as a cardinal sin by many. I stuck to my principles about the issue, but even so, I still feel over saturated with external images that get in the way of the things that naturally interest me. Perhaps I need to be more disciplined about my use of Instagram. Checking the platform out fewer times each day could make a difference.

The reason I feel a need to curtail my intake of the constant flow of images and other sorts of content is, that I want to sense what I’m curious about, from within.

There are many wonderful things that human beings have done through the centuries. Does anyone have enough time to deal with appreciating all of it? Yet, we all have the potential to create even more products, if we give ourselves the time and space to actually do the work.

I feel more inhibited than before about following through on answering the question “what if…?” about the things that stir me from within. Meanwhile, stimuli coming from elsewhere can easily grab my attention, but doesn’t leave me feeling sated or fulfilled.

This is obviously a memo to self, but it would be great to perceive more innovative use of creative energy, even from external sources.