New vistas visited

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Just over six months ago, I visited Zanzibar. I had a great time, made lots of friends who are now connected to me via social media platforms and was inspired by elements of the Island’s culture and history. I did some research and development on a new piece of mine, which kept me busy for most of the time.

After doing a work in progress presentation of the new piece, I spent a day relaxing with my friend and guide – German Pass. He took me on a journey to Prison Island – a tiny piece of land that was used as a holiday resort in the colonial era. To reach our destination, we travelled on a makeshift motorboat across the Indian Ocean.

I can’t say I felt safe when I first boarded the vessel, but after about 10 minutes, my mind was relaxed, possibly due to the calming effect of the ocean in repose. The sun was shining, nothing seemed to be amiss about the experience and we reached our destination without a hitch.

The journey back to Stone Town was even more meditative, and since there were many folks doing the same journey on other boats, I didn’t have any worrisome thoughts or feelings.

Today, I wish to extend my condolences to all the people who lost loved ones in the recent Ethiopian Airlines plane crash. I am still puzzled by the randomness of the mishap. It is difficult to find a specific lesson in what happened. We take chances every day by simply getting up in the morning to go about our business. One can only pray for the souls of the departed.