Nippy sunshine

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Bright sunshine, nippy temperature, confused daffodils. Some of us are quick to wear summer clothes. Is the weather ready for that? Perhaps it depends on what floats a person’s boat.

Someone I know who grew up in Africa once had to share a room with a fellow student from Iceland. Whoever it was that made that decision was either taking the mickey or just didn’t think about it properly. The room mates were constantly at loggerheads, due to their diverging needs with regard to room and body temperature.

Perhaps most of us will be most happy if the weather is not too hot and not too cold. The constant fluctuations of weird springtime temperatures are probably more tedious than a cold winter.

Meanwhile, the pollen count is rising, so if one is has an allergy, it becomes difficult to tell the difference between a bout of hay fever and a cold.

Folks from other parts of the world find it quaint that British people talk so much about the weather. Everyone would understand, if they lived in the UK.